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How Military Coins Started?

Military coins or popularly known as challenge coins were accidentally introduced during the World War I. It started when rich men who studied in prominent universities like Harvard and Yale, voluntarily dropped out from their term and joined the war. An affluent lieutenant ordered medallions made from solid bronze and gave one to each member of his troop.

A young pilot about to be deployed placed his military coin in a leather pouch around his neck. He wore this as a necklace. It was an unfortunate event that his plane caught fire and he needed to land in enemy lines. After crashing in the ground, the German soldiers held him captive and took all his personal identifications. They however, left the pouch around his neck, thinking it was nothing valuable.

military coinsLuck was on the young pilot’s side as the camp of the German was bombarded. He found a way to escape. He dressed as a civilian and reached a French post. During this time, the French soldiers were extra careful because some spies pretended to be civilians. They didn’t believe the explanation of the American pilot and he was lined up for execution. He, then showed his medallion placed inside his pouch. One of the French executioner recognized the medallion and his execution was placed on hold. Few hours later, the French soldiers were able to confirm the identity of the pilot. He was sparred from being executed; instead he was given a bottle of wine.

From then on, it became mandatory among American soldiers to carry their coins wherever they went. This became a means to identify them. Later on, a challenge that originated in the Vietnam War period was reinvented.

In Vietnam, a soldier presents ammunition to challenge another soldier from a different troop. If the challenged soldier could not present any ammunition, he needs to buy drinks for the challenger’s group. However, if the challenger could present any type of ammunition, the challenger would buy him drinks. This went overboard when soldiers started to carry bigger ammunitions and posed a threat. To prevent any accident from happening, military coins were used in replacement of ammunitions. It became a challenge that only soldiers understood.

There were rules followed and restrictions, like in any challenge. The soldiers were required to have the coin all the time. They can place it in their pocket, wallet or place it on a leather pouch and wear it around their neck. The restrictions were: they couldn’t deface the coin; they can’t use it as a belt buckle; the military coins can’t be pierced and worn as a necklace. The coin should always be within reach by the soldier.

The challenge came with a twist; soldiers are permitted to steal the military coin from their challenger given, the challenged is able to steal it, and the challenger has to buy drinks for the challenged.

Over the years, the idea behind military coins was adopted in other military units and by non-military organizations. Police officers, Navy men and private groups implemented distributing coins among their members. Coins were given upon membership, as a sign of appreciation. It symbolized the bond among group members.

In certain groups, designs of the coins vary according to the position of the officer or member to whom it was being presented. It was given as a form of recognition for the years and service the member has rendered.

In recent years, commercial companies such as NFL and NASCAR also made use of challenge coins. It became another form of memorabilia, which caught the interests of collectors. The numbers of collectors buying coins from military and non-military personnel have increased over the years. It created a controversial debate among coin owners. The issue whether such practice was ethical has often been argued on.

Until now, coin owners can freely sell their collection to interested buyers. Some owners opt to turn their coins into cash. However, some give more importance to their hard-earned military coins more than the actual monetary value.

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Book the Right One Among the Several Dubai Hotel Apartments

If you are planning to spend a vacation in Dubai, then it is best to choose a place to stay among the many Dubai hotel apartments in one of the most amazing places that you will get to know in your lifetime. Most tourists who visit Dubai find the hotel apartments more economical and convenient. Hotels in Dubai are usually expensive and most tourists with a bit more than average income prefer hotel apartments over hotels because they can get the same experience minus the expensive rates. However, most of the personal services that hotels give are also lacking in hotel apartments.

How to Get a Hotel Apartment in Dubai

Hotel apartmentsLike hotels, there are several hotel apartments in Dubai to choose from depending on location, rate, room condition, and other services. Most of these hotel apartments have online booking system where you can place your reservation for a particular room of your chosen apartment. You need to wait for a confirmation before you can make any payment.

The confirmation of your booking is usually sent via email together with the instructions on how to pay your booking or what to do next if your booking was declined. It is important to check your email regularly to know if your reservation was approved or not.

In case your reservation was declined due to the unavailability of the time period you wish to use the place, you can always look for somewhere else near your target area. You will surely find one; although it may not exactly give the things that you want unlike your first choice.

Once your booking was approved, the requested time period that you will occupy the place will be blocked. You will then receive a confirmation via email for the said dates and then you can pay your reservation. Most hotel apartments only accept Visa and MasterCard.

It is advisable to read the terms and conditions of the target hotel apartment, including the refund policy, before sealing the deal. Most Dubai hotel apartments need your full payment before closing the deal.

Take note that some hotel apartments may require you to pay within 24 to 48 hours. If you failed to do so, the system will automatically cancel your reservation and make the dates available for others to grab.

To avoid any inconvenience, it is best if you have arrived with your final decision regarding the date when you need to occupy the hotel apartment room. You can actually change the date if you need to, but it is possible that you won’t get any room for your new target date. You might also pay a higher rate if the season has changed.

Most Dubai hotel apartments have easy to navigate online booking that you can easily follow. It is also imperative to make some research first about the target hotel apartment before committing. You also need to make sure that you are making transactions with a secured and reputable site.

Most online booking sites for hotel apartments in Dubai provide a button to contact the staff or advertiser if you need to clarify some matters. If there are some things that are not clear to you, then you need to ask everything that you need to know first because there is a possibility that you may regret something later.

There are times when it is impossible for you to pay within the given time period, most hotel apartments allow you to have an extension request to stop the auto cancellation of your reservation provided that you can present a valid and convincing reason (some don’t need one) for the delay. It is prudent to make the booking if you are really sure that you can pay within the given payment time frame no matter what happens to avoid any inconvenience.

Making a reservation to one of Dubai hotel apartments is not that difficult to do, but it is important to make sure that you are dealing with a company that has a reputation to keep. Enjoy your adventure in Dubai and may your chosen hotel apartment truly provide a cozy atmosphere like you have in your own home.

What Makes a Good Safe? 3 Qualities Home Safes Should Possess

Buying home safes is one of the best ways to improve the safety and security of your valuable items. After all, no one will know when their houses will be broken into and their valuables pilfered.If you have come to that decision, now is the time to determine which safe is the best for your household. Different safe types are designed for very different needs so it would be best to pick the safe that will fit your household’s needs. Below are a few features to look at when looking for a safe.


A good home is made from highly durable material that can withstand a lot of force and impact. General purpose safes are usually made from thick steel sheets (10-gauge and less) or from compound materials that offer the same durability with steel. In essence, high quality home safes are more akin to armored containers and less like tin-can boxes.This means that they are tougher to slice through or even pried open through force once the entire frame of the safe is sealed.

home safesHowever, resistance should go beyond preventing human factors from breaking in.a good safe should contain a fire rating which simply means that they contain fire-retardant abilities. In other words, the material is strong enough to withstand heat and flames. The safe itself should also be air-tight to prevent water from getting through in case of a flood. Either way, the safe should be successful in preventing the contents from being reduced to ash or washed away in a strong current.

Proper Measurements and Dimensions

Size is one factor that every homeowner should consider when buying a safe. The size, in fact, determines how it can be stored and how many items can be stored in its vault. For instance, a small safe can only allow for a few personal items like documents and jewelries. However, a bigger safe allows for larger items like antiques, works of art and even large weapons like swords and assault rifles. With that in mind, it is best to find the safe that can fit the items you are intending to store.

The effectiveness of a safe can also be determined by how heavy they are. For home safes, the ideal weight should is between 500 to 1000lbs as this makes the entire frame impossible to move. This is in direct response to the new modus operandi of burglars to get the entire safe and whisk it away to another place as opposed to cracking it at the site. A safe of considerable weight will be difficult to move from place to place even with the help of a pickup truck or power loader. When bolted to the floor, the chances of moving the entire frame can be nigh-impossible.

The safe should also give their owners several options on where they can be stored. Quality home safes come with the option of being mounted to the floor, the wall, or other special compartments. This reduces the options for burglars to break through as they are focused on breaking the safe door open. Recent innovations in safes have made this area one of the toughest parts of the safe to break in.


As was stated, home safes are designed for very specific uses. For instance, safes that have a wide storage area, a suitable interior design and a quick unlocking sequence are best for storing firearms. Once used, it is expected that a person can get quick access to their weapons in the event of an emergency.

Safes intended to store valuable items like art pieces and documents tend to have airtight seals to prevent oxidization. Also, these safes tend to have a higher fire rating to protect the stored items from fire-based damages. If the intent is to store items with varying levels of durability and value, an all-purpose safe will be the best.

The great things about debt settlement

Debt Settlement Companies are all the rage these days because they help you out in paying your debts and making sure that you do not get into any more debt and that you do not go bankrupt. To put it simply, debt settlement companies negotiate with your creditors in order to lessen the amount that you have to pay. To do this, you have to pay them a monthly fee. From this monthly fee, they will be paying portions of your debt, monthly, as well, so that it would not be too hard on you.

Less Stress

debtDebt settlement companies will be the ones to negotiate with your lenders or creditors for you. So what does this mean, then? It means that you’ll be able to breathe a sigh of relief because you would no longer have to deal with your creditors, but you’ll still be able to pay them. Most people get nervous breakdowns or develop heart ailments because of the stress that they go through when they talk to their creditors.

Many people feel pressured to feel right away and forget to think of a solution as to how they can be able to pay the money that they borrowed without pressuring themselves too much and without getting into any more debt. Plus, since you would no longer have to deal with your creditors, you can use your extra time to do other more beneficial things instead of letting yourself go through all the stress with your creditors.

Save up a lot of money

Yes. You read that right. One of the main purposes of debt settlement companies is the fact that they’ll help you to save more money in the long run by asking your creditors or lenders to reduce the amount that you have to pay. Since they are trained professionals, they can be able to talk to your creditors and make them understand the situation that you are in. Thus, your creditors will then allow you to pay for only a reduced amount of your original debt.

You see, many people who are in debt who have a valid reason or who are in debt because they had to help some people out; or that they were supposed to pay but they lost their jobs, or have other bills to pay are able to have their debts reduced because they asked the help of a debt settlement company. Creditors actually can be negotiated with—sometimes, all they need is to talk to people who know how to speak to them in such a way that they would understand your situation and this could be done with the help of debt settlement companies.

However, some people still fear getting the help of such companies because so many other people get scammed because of such things. What people do not know is that they can actually get the help that they need with a credible debt settlement company like Curadebt. You see, with all of Curadebt’s awards, certificates, recognition and the fact that the company has been recommended by a lot of people who have gone through the debt settlement process, as well, you can be sure that you’ll be able to pay off what you have borrowed, and that you will not be in any more debt because you’re in the hands of a good company.

Get your debt negotiation consultation from debt settlement companies.

Benefits of Fish Oil Softgels

Fish oil softgels are famous because of the benefits that they bring to the body. There are many researches and studies that proved the health benefits of taking fish oil supplements. This article will reveal the benefits of using fish oil and other things that you must to know about this topic.

fish oil softgelsOne of the most well known benefits of fish oil is that it is rich in omega 3 fatty acids. Studies show that omega 3 fatty acids is a potent substance that prevents the incidence of heart diseases. The reason behind this is that omega 3 fatty acids such as DHA, EPA, ALA, and GLA lowers the level of low density lipids (LDL) or more commonly known as bad cholesterol and it increases the levels of good cholesterols or high density lipids (HDL) in the body. By doing this, the chance of having a heart attack and other cardiovascular diseases is reduced. Whatever forms of fish oil you take, it is proven to helps protect the heart from many diseases.

Another benefit of fish oil softgels is the fact that it comes in softgel form. This delivery system ensures maximum nutrient bioavailability. This means that the substance inside the capsule is more efficiently absorbed by the body compared to other conventional types of capsules. When the nutrient or in this case, the fish oil is quickly absorbed by the body, it also quickly releases the beneficial omega 3 fatty acids to the body. Soft gelatins are also easy to swallow and do not have a bitter taste compared to conventional tablets that have after taste when you swallow it. This is the reason why most people prefer softgel capsules than tablets and hard-shell capsules.

Taking fish oil softgels can also help in weight management. It helps in reducing weight by making exercise more effective. Research shows that consuming fish oil regularly improves the efficacy of exercises. In a study conducted in Australia, volunteers that are given fish oil and consume it regularly show greater weight loss compared to those that do only exercises.

Fish oil also helps boost the immune system of the body. The immune system is responsible for protecting the body against diseases and infection. By strengthening the immune system, the defenses of the body against diseases is also strengthened. Although further research is needed to fully discover the potential of omega 3 fatty acids that is found in fish oil, it is proven by experts that it can bolster the functions of the immune system.

Omega 3 fatty acids that is the active ingredient in fish oil softgels also helps in the development of the brain. It is for this reason that pregnant women are advised to take fish oil supplements for her child. Always remember to consult a doctor first before taking any supplements especially if you are pregnant. Omega 3 can also help in treating Alzheimer’s disease. It is more useful in preventing the onset of Alzheimer’s and dementia.

In conclusion, consuming fish oil softgels regularly is proven by scientific researches and clinical studies to be beneficial for the overall well being of a person. Just remember that moderation is the key and too much of anything is bad for you. This can also apply to food supplements that are available in the market today.

Live Chat Support and Why It Works

All kinds of businesses, especially those who aim to deliver quality customer service, have chosen to invest in live chat support software. By putting money on products that increase their sales and productivity as firms, they can hint that with the satisfaction they give people, they’re looking at a potential to grow. If they’re an established company and has gone by with traditional practices, they should be open to implementing changes. It’s important for them to acknowledge that it’s always best to adopt the latest approaches. All that’s available should be considered. Here are three ways the programs provide assistance.

1. Immediate Response

live chatWith live chat support software, there’ll be no more waiting. Clients hate letting time pass before they are able to raise their concerns accordingly. They paid for certain products because they want it to work moments after their purchase. Fortunately, they can understand that sometimes, not everything goes smoothly. Rather than complain, they would first contact the companies for assistance. If they won’t be asked to be on standby for a day or two, they, most likely, won’t make big fuzz over their concerns until you have them resolved.

2. Clear Discussions

Through live chat, you’ll get the chance to explain better. In your job, you will encounter clients that are not as quick as others when it comes to seeing your point. Try as you may, they can’t seem to catch your drift. This is why you need to be patient. It may be frustrating for you but through live chat, you can guide them accordingly. If you must, be detailed and approach matters one at a time. Step-by-step procedures may just be the perfect solution.

3. Less Expensive

Compared to email and phone support, live chat is way cheaper for a business. Typically, only a single person can be accommodated by one call. Whereas with chat, up to four people can raise their concerns to an agent. Not all the time can issues be fixed by the live support chat operator on his own so he just forwards the other party to the proper person that can provide answers. Through chat, this can be done quicker with availability of full conversation history the supervisor can use as basis. Because the more clients you are able to entertain, the more sales that may possibly go through. When it comes to practicality, this means of support is great. It offers savings and gets customers satisfied fast.

Live chat support increases a business’ potential to grow. When clients are handled immediately, the more likely they will be satisfied with the service offered. If your company can be dependable in having their back, you can expect courtesy from them.

Hyperion Consulting Firm : The Stages in Implementing the System

It does not matter if you are installing Hyperion System 9 Bl+, Essbase, Hyperion Master Data Management, Hyperion Financial Management or any other Hyperion software, getting the services of a Hyperion consulting firm is essential. It’s because only a Hyperion consultant has the proper training, resources and experience needed in the proper implementation of the Hyperion system.

Knowing the steps that the consultants need to take will help you in planning to make sure that the implementation will not interfere with business operation. Keep in mind that the plans may vary from one company to another depending on what the business requires.

First Stage – Design Meeting and Blueprint Stage

This stage includes the gathering of all the business requirements. Analysis of your present and future reporting requirements is included in this stage. A consultant who is fully aware of what your business needs will not disappoint you. The Hyperion consulting firm will create a blueprint enumerating how the implementation will be carried out. The design meeting and blueprint phase will take ten to 20 days, depending on how robust the project will be.

Second Stage – Prototyping

This stage normally takes twenty to thirty days. It includes the development of the application with the goal of improving its features. It is an essential stage since it will allow the business owner to determine if the consultant understands what the customer requires. The Hyperion consultant should be able to help the personnel to understand the concept of the design better.

Third Stage – Building the System

Upon the approval of the prototype, building of the system will follow. It normally takes sixty to 90 days. The Hyperion consulting firm at this stage applies the latest Hyperion system and integrates it with the company’s system. Also included in this stage is the building of the system that facilitates the needed calculations such a special consolidation rules, validation rules, cash flow calculation and currency conversion. It also involves the loading of the historical data which is relevant to the latest system and enables the proper testing of the system logic. You need to complete all the company resources needed, given that this stage is the most time consuming stage. You need to make sure that the source data is accurate to avoid future problems.

Stages 4, 5 and 6 are for systems testing where the end users check the system. These normally take ten to fifteen days; the training normally takes five to ten days, and the rollout support takes five to 10 days. A good Hyperion consulting firm should be able to carry out every stage properly to avoid any problems and issues during the implementation of the Hyperion system.

Cooling Fan Features

You can stay cool in the summer with the use of a quality cooling fan. There is a wide variety to choose from. You can purchase pedestal fans, desk fans, box fans, tower fans or even floor fans. Efficiency and convenience are features of the fans because they have different fan speeds. A remote control is available and an oscillator is a useful feature because it will distribute cool air across an entire room by changing the direction of the fan. There are different types of fans that you can find in the market and there are some that are suitable for a home while others are meant for the office.

Cooling fanThe cooling fan can feature 3 speed settings and it can be tilt adjustable with a chrome finish and aluminum blades. Some of the fans are easily assembled and a 120 watt motor can be used to rotate the blades of the fan. The 3 speed settings allow the user to determine the power of the airflow distribution. The dimensions of the fan are usually provided during purchase they include the height, width and depth of the fan. A warranty is also given and this can be up to 24 months.

Other model of cooling fan will have an impressive 12-hour timer as well as a remote in order to allow you to cool in an easy and simple manner. Various wind modes are available and this includes natural breeze which cycles the speed of the fan constantly through high, medium and low settings. Sleep breeze features a high breeze that lasts for thirty minutes, a medium breeze that lasts for thirty minutes and then a low breeze until the timer has run out or you switch off the fan. The 12-hour timer allows you to choose your settings and then let the fan run automatically until it turns itself off.

A pedestal cooling fan is an excellent fan for cooling the home or office and it has a large, tilt-adjustable oscillating head with a triple blade rotor that provides a perfect cooling efficiency. The fan has got three speed settings that you can select from and it is designed for use on a flat and stable surface. It is easy for you to assemble the fan and you will find an instruction manual that is easy to follow. The safety guard of this fan can be removed to allow you to clean the triple blade rotor system.

SEO Services You Shouldn’t Skip

Sometimes a website just needs a little boost to maximize its potential. You can help your site by hiring a SEO company that provides SEO services, which can be a very valuable tool for increasing your site’s search engine ranking. As a result, your site will attract more traffic than ever before!

SEO services involve many different features but check out these 3 services you shouldn’t skip:

  • Keyword Research: This is one of the most important SEO services you can receive and as such, it should be the priority of any SEO campaign. Keyword research is critical because you need to know what keyword to optimize your site for, otherwise all of your hard work would be worthless. You need to optimize your site for the keyword or keywords that users are searching for when trying to find whatever you’re chosen topic or field is. Make sure you choose a keyword that is relevant to your site and not just one that is in high demand (searched for frequently).
  • Guest Blogging: Guest blogging is when you write and SEO Servicespublish your content on another person’s website. This is a great way to gain valuable links with a high sharing potential. When you do a guest post, not only are you gaining a valuable link, but you are also exposing yourself (and your site) to a whole new audience. This is a great way to bring readers or customers back to your site. However, it should be noted that guest blogging shouldn’t be used unless you are providing valuable content; otherwise it’s a waste of everyone’s time. In order to be valuable, the content you provide needs to be well-written, original, and directly related to the hosting site. As with all types of content, the key is value.
  • Social Profile Creation: Social media is becoming a necessary part of any online business. However, it is also an extremely useful tool for bloggers and other website owners. As a part of this service, your SEO company will set up social profiles for you on all the major social media sites. Not only is social media a good way to gain links and mentions that help are you ranking, but it is also a great way to connect with your readers or customers.

SEO services are one of the most effective ways to organically grow your site. If you want to get the most out of your website, be sure to check out these SEO services and more.

Defining What a Solo 401k is

Solo 401K is a retirement plan specifically designed for self employed individuals together with their wives. To narrow down the explanation, you need to understand that it is especially meant for individuals who own and run their businesses as the sole employees or do so together with their spouses.

A Solo 401k plan is also known as an Individual (K) and has been specifically designed for an individual. This can however only remain possible and relevant if a business owner has no desire of hiring employees in the future. The plan also applies to unincorporated businesses, sole proprietorships, partnerships and LLC’s with no other employees with the exception of a spouse, and also where one as the owner gets his or her income from the business.

Solo 401KLike all other retirement plans, Solo 401K comes with advantages and disadvantages. The advantages however always seem to override the disadvantages. In this plan, tax deferral limits are higher than those of other retirement plans. Another advantage is that the participant or account holder is allowed to take a loan against the account balance. The limits of which are that it cannot be over 50% of the total account value and must be repaid within five years with interest.

The Solo 401K plan also shields an individual from certain taxes including UDFI tax that applies to some self directed IRA transactions. Participants in this plan over 50 years of age through a provision, get tax deductible limits increasing the tax advantages of the plan. This individual can also make Roth IRA contributions, up to an established limit, should they prefer. This is not available with other plans like the SEP or SIMPLE IRAs.

The negatives of this plan, as much as we may wish them away, do exist and might as well be highlighted in this context. As had earlier been explained, the Solo 401K is specifically designed for individuals who are business owners. The problem with this plan is that it limits the growth of a business. Should the business grow or expand, then owner may be forced to hire more employees. This can then limit one in being a participant.

One other thing that stands out with solo 401K is that as much as its administration is simple and manageable, certain routines have to be followed that include an annual 5500 filing fee when the account exceeds $100,000 in assets.


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