Christianity in Pannonia

Early Christianity in Pannonia c AD 50–400
Christianity spread in Pannonia in the first century AD. It is said that the Apostle Peter was one of the first missionaries in this region.

Early Christianity in Aquincum (Óbuda) from AD 200
The Roman town of Aquincum was the capital of Pannonia Inferior. Its residents were polytheists at first, but they later converted to Christianity.

Early Christianity in Sopianae (Pécs) c AD 200–400

main_pecsThe early Christian cemetery in Pécs is on the UNESCO’s World Heritage List. Its excavation started in the 18th century and continue to this day. Many early Christian burial chambers and chapels have been unearthed there.


Christianity in Gorsium–Herculia–Föveny
This city founded by the Romans and located near Tác in Hungary was a center of idol-worship in Pannonia, but by the end of the 3rd century Christianity had superseded idolatry.

God Terrifies Attila the Hun AD 452

main_aquileiaAttila would have dealt a serious blow to Christianity, had not the angel of the Lord affrighted him at his meeting with Pope Leo I during his Italian campaign.



Christianity in Pannonia During the Great Migrations and up to the Hungarian Conquest c AD 400–895

main_lampAfter the Roman occupation of Pannonia ended, barbaric nations invaded the country. Nevertheless, Christianity did not cease in Pannonia, and gained ground among the invading pagans, too.



Hungarian Christianity

Before the Conquest of Pannonia

Christian Influence on Hungarians Before the Conquest c AD 500–895
The Magyars (Hungarians) heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ centuries before they settled in their new homeland.

After the Conquest of Pannonia

Christianity Among the Hungarians From the Conquest to the Foundation of the Hungarian State c AD 895–1000

main_esztergomAfter the Conquest, the Hungarians fought several wars against Christian nations in Europe. Later on, some of their leaders converted to Christianity and invited missionaries into the country. The organized evangelization in Hungary started under Duke Géza.


Stephen I, the First Christian Hungarian King

reigned 997–1038

King Stephen I is the most important personality of Hungarian history: he founded the Kingdom of Hungary and organized the Hungarian Christian Church. His main goal was to eliminate idolatry, convert his people to Christianity and support God’s Church in every possible way.

The Hungarian Pagan Revolt of 1046 and the Martyrdom of Bishop Gellért
From the death of King Stephen I to the suppression of the pagan revolt of 1046. The martyrdom of bishop Gellért and his fellow priests in Budapest.


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