Fossils and Evolution

One of the most important topics in the Creation-evolution debate is fossils. Only fossils show us what plants and animals have lived on the earth in the past. Fossils may provide the only real evidence that evolution has occurred in the past. Since evolution does not happen in the present, if there is no evidence of evolution in the past, there is no evidence of evolution at all.

In the following we will discuss some of the problems evolutionists have with fossils.

What is a fossil?

Fossils are the remains or traces of animals and plants buried and preserved in sedimentary rock or organic matter. Fossils may be skeletons, teeth, simple bones, even footprints. Sedimentary rock is fossiliferous, or fossil-bearing rock. It is made up of layers called strata.

Fossils are the only remains we have of creatures which lived in the past, they are therefore very important to evolutionists. If evolution has happened, they should be able to find evidence of life evolving from simpler to more complex forms in the fossil record .

Evolution—past and present

There are basically two ways evolution could be proven1: either by fossils—evidence from the past—showing it has occurred in the past, or by studying mutations and natural selection—evidence from the present—to see whether it could occur at all.

Evolution, one species changing into another, never occurs today. (For mutations and natural selection, see our page: Microevolution and Macroevolution.) Therefore we must study the past. Clearly, evolutionists only have the fossils to prove their theory. If evolution ever happened, there should be a large number of transitional forms in the fossil record. Scientists have collected millions of fossils in the past 150 years, and all they have found was evidence disproving evolution.

Missing Links and Archaeopteryx

  • No Transitional Species—There are no transitional species, which are transitions between two different types of life, e.g. half fish and half reptiles, half horse and half cows, etc.
  • No Transitional Organs—There are neither any transitional, nor half developed organs: no half eyes, no half legs and no half wings.
  • The Archaeopteryx Fraud—Archaeopteryx is the only fossil evolutionists can claim to be a transitional species. Considering all the evidence, it is clearly a forgery.


Vance Ferrell, Evolution Disproved Series, Origin of Life, Fossils and Strata, page 501: “The study of fossils and mutations ranks as the two key evidences of evolution: The fossil evidence proves or disproves whether evolution has occured in the past; mutational facts prove or disprove whether it can occur at all.”