Creation Vs. Evolution: The Basics


The Theory of Evolution

Chief doctrines. The supposed mechanisms of evolution: natural selection, mutation and punctuated equilibrium. Why evolution could never take place.


Biblical Creation

The main teachings of creationism. Creationism is based on the Bible and is fully supported by science.


What is at Stake in the Creation/Evolution Debate?

Evolution undermines belief in God, demoralizes entire societies and propagates atheism. Two examples analyzed: abortion and divorce.


Natural Selection

Why evolution by natural selection cannot occur. Problems with the classical examples for evolution.


Creation Vs. Evolution: Evidences


Fossils and Evolution

One of the greatest problems of evolutionists is that fossils disprove evolution and support creation.


Missing Links and Archaeopteryx

There are no transitional links between the various creatures in the fossil record.


The Ape-Men I

Rarely advertised facts about the fossils of well-known ape-men: it turned out they were either apes or men, but not transitions between the two. Nebraska Man, Neanderthal Man, Ramapithecus, the Australopithecines.


The Ape-Men II

The charlatan Eugene Dubois and his Java man (Pithecanthropus erectus).


The Ape-Men III

Piltdown man (Eoanthropus dawsoni), one of the shameful patchworks of evolutionists.



Dinosaurs lived together with men and they aren’t all extinct.


Physics and Evolution

The laws of thermodynamics contradict evolution and point to a creation in the past.


Radiometric Dating of Fossils and Rocks

Their failure and inaccuracy. These methods give some ridiculous dates.


Vestigial Organs

According to evolutionists, the vestigial (useless) organs in the human body prove evolution. We now know that none of our organs are useless.


Languages and Evolution

The complexity of languages is decreasing, newer languages are simpler than older ones—this contradicts evolution. All ancient languages appeared fully developed.


The Age of the Earth I

The decay of the earth’s magnetic field and the slow-down of its rotation, moon recession, water from comets.


The Age of the Earth II

Meteorites and craters, atmospheric helium, river deltas, oceans, volcanoes, oil and gas pressure, giant trees, age of civilizations, population growth all point to a young



The Age of the Universe

The shrinking sun, solar wind, solar drag, comets, planetary rings, hydrogen in space, and the galactic arms all point to a young universe.


Intelligent Design


The Amazing Cells, Bacterial Engines

The complexity of cells; the electrical motor-like propulsion mechanism of some bacteria.


Evidence of God’s Design in Nature

Wonders from the plant and animal kingdoms.


Evidence of God’s Design in Outer Space — The Milky Way

The magnificent design of our stellar city declares the glory of God.


The Flood


Themain_flood1 Hydroplate Theory: Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV

Dr. Walt Brown’s theory explains how major features of the earth were formed by a cataclysmic, worldwide flood, whose waters burst forth from under the earth’s crust.


main_saltTransylvanian Salt Layers

Salt domes constitute a problem for evolutionists, but their formation is well explained by the hydroplate theory. Salt lakes, enormous salt-mines and 1000 m thick salt layers in the Transylvanian Basin.



In The Beginning God Created…


“The heavens declare the glory of God”


A Picture — A Proof


hst_nebula_eskimo  A Face in Space: The Eskimo Nebula




hst_nebula_stingray  The Ant Nebula Proves That There Is a God




hst_nebula_antThe Stingray Neb




Darwin’s Contemporary Critics


Richard Owen
main_OwenHe was the leading English comparative anatomist and zoologist of his time. Darwin’s theory doesn’t hold its ground against Owen’s scrutiny.



Adam Sedgwick
main_SedgwickThis scientist summarizes Darwin’s theory as a “vast pyramid resting on its apex, and that apex a mathematical point”. His foresight of the theory’s effect on society and his intuition about Darwin’s real intentions are admirable.



Thomas Vernon Wollaston

Thomas_mainHe points out Darwin’s most deceitful trick: Darwin employs “Nature”, a personified abstraction, instead of God, to do the supernatural work.




Answers in Genesis Ministries International

A creationist organization of scientists from around the world. Publishes Creation Magazine and TJ, an in-depth creation journal. AiG is building a large creation museum and education center near Cincinnati, Ohio.
Institute for Creation Research

Devoted to research, publication, and teaching in the fields of science relevant to the study of origins. It houses the Museum of Creation and Earth History. Listen to their online radio program at ICR Radio Ministry.


Creation Research Society

CRS is a scientific society with worldwide membership committed to full belief in the Biblical record of creation and early history. Publishes CRS Quarterly and Creation Matters.
Creation SuperLibrary at Christian Answers Network
A multilingual creationist site. A joint project of Answers in Genesis, Associates for Biblical Research, Creation Research Society, Eden Communications.


Center for Scientific Creation
Online version of Dr. Walt Brown’s book, entitled In the Beginning: Compelling Evidence for Creation and the Flood.


Creation-Evolution Encyclopedia
An extensive creationist reference site.


The Access Research Network
Articles on creation/evolution, genetic engineering, euthanasia, computer technology, etc. ARN publishes the journal Origins & Design.