The Global Awakening Caused by the Iraqi War

The Iraqi war had some consequences that were surely not foreseen by its planners. Many things have come to light and the beguiled people are awakening. The war has shed light on the following:

1. The US leadership does not care about the well-being of the people and it does not start wars to bring democracy to other nations. This has become even more apparent during the invasion of Iraq, due to the advanced mass media. The results of decades of propaganda have come to naught. Let God help the people distinguish between the American government and the American population. It would be preferable if the Americans distanced themselves from the leaders of their country in obvious ways, for example by staging peace demonstrations.

2. Not only the US government, but the American media and the western media in general also suffered a loss of prestige in the war on Iraq. During no war have so many inept, quickly refutable lies been invented. (see Journalists on the Controlled, Censored and Biased Media Coverage of the Iraq War). Who believes the American media, the military spokesmen and the embedded journalists any more?

3. It has also become clear that our leaders consider the media part of the war machine. If the media is just a tool of propaganda in the hands of those in power, then they may use it for whatever purpose they choose. It can be used to spread lies on any arbitrary topic — for example evolution.

4. The war on Iraq has confirmed that the outcome of a war is not always decided on the battlefields. High-ranking Iraqi military leaders made a deal with the enemy and betrayed their country. It is also possible that they were part of a conspiracy. It makes us wonder how many times it has occurred in history that the leaders made agreements without the knowledge of the public, that military leaders betrayed their countries and that the soldiers died on the battlefields for no reason. It is not worth becoming a soldier, and besides, killing, even in wars, has been forbidden since the new covenant of our Lord Jesus Christ. As for betrayal, it is as old as the Fall. It is written: “Thus saith the LORD; Cursed be the man that trusteth in man, and maketh flesh his arm, and whose heart departeth from the LORD.” (Jeremiah 17:5).

5. It has also become evident that having only one global superpower does not have good consequences. This is the reason God created the different languages and dispersed the people at Babel. Subsequently the world dictatorship with the Antichrist as its leader — the new Babel — cannot be a well-meaning dictatorship, since there is no such thing.

Conclusion: The world has changed since the Iraqi war, because the way people see the world has changed. It has become clear that we are heading toward a world dictatorship rather than a world democracy, and a world dictatorship can never be good. The number of people that believe the American and their own leaders, military superiors and the media has decreased. This war on Iraq has been a sort of eye-opener. Probably even more hidden things will come to light in the next war, for our benefit, to prepare us for the Apocalypse. We can thank God for this. He only lets bad things happen if they have a purpose and aim, benefiting us in the long run.